Lawn Hill

Adel’s Grove & Lawn Hill NP

What a disaster day!!!!

Today we managed to:-

  • lose our tow ball cover,
  • smash our rear windscreen about 10kms into a 200km dirt road trip (Thank you to the rock that bounced off the spare wheel on the camper and back onto the car),
  • drive an extra 100kms on dirt to buy fuel at cheaper price except it wasn’t cheaper,
  • tear the bed dust cover
  • and fill the tent full of dirt

I’ve realised that my version of hell is driving endlessly on corrugated dirt roads.

DSCN1508We finally made it to Adel’s Grove and it was like driving into an oasis. Lush tropical trees and the bluest river I have ever seen. Hooray!! I had been trying to explain what a mirage and an oasis was to the kids a few days before, so as we drove in I could show them a perfect example.

DSCN1523Best part of the day was our first swim in that blue river and watching a Night Heron fishing.




Quiet day puddling around. The kids floated their noodles down the little rapids at “The Beach”.


In the afternoon we all went for a swim at the deep waterhole near the pontoon. This is where we met our new friends from Tom Price for the first time.  They have 4 kids for Amy & Liam to play with. Drinks and chats around their campfire cemented the friendship.


Up early for the trip out to Lawn Hill Gorge. Girls in one canoe and boys in the other.  I highly recommend canoeing up the gorge. It’s just beautiful!



Lawn Hill




We also hiked to the Duwadarri lookout and to the gorge itself, which was great, but I like the canoeing best.




Great afternoon swimming in the river again. Take heaps of moisturiser with you as the calcium in the water really dries your skin out.

Dessert with our Tom Price friends after dinner. Best camp oven scones ever!

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