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Late start today – we forgot how late the sun comes up when you head west. Nice lazy breakfast of sausages then spent some time reorganising the kids’ bags.  Big Ziploc bags for each different type of clothing, makes it much easier for the kids to find their stuff.

On the road about 10.30am. Stopped in Augathella for lunch at the Meat Ant Park.  What a lovely place! Really well kept. I’ve always wanted to visit just because the name sounded cool & it’s included in the “I’ve Been Everywhere” song.  We’ll have to look up all the words when we next have internet access. We dropped into the local shop to pick up some bread – 4 cans of soft drink, some freezer bags & a loaf of bread =$17. Ouch!  Really nice bread though, baked in Charleville. Wish I could eat it every day.


Brief stop in Tambo to visit the teddy bear shop. Friends of ours love them so we thought we should stop and have a look.  Unfortunately not many teddies on display today 🙁 Prices ranged from $95 to $300 each. Wow!


We decided to stop in Blackall for the night as we just couldn’t face another 200kms to Longreach today.  Second day of the trip and the schedule is already out the window.  Checked into Blackall Caravan Park which is quite a nice park.  They have Camp Oven dinners for $20 per head with live folk music at the camp kitchen. The amenities were a little old but very clean. They even provided clean bath mats to use.  The water is artesian bore water so it’s very hot and has a bit of a sulphuric smell to it. Unpowered sites were on the other side of the fence to the main park next to the old masonic lodge building. Beautiful boganvillias.

Black Stump

Black Stump

A young German family set up their tent next to us. They had just spent 4 months cycling through NZ and 2 months travelling from Adelaide to Lichfield & Kakadu. They were flying out from Sydney on Friday (4 days’ time) – a very long drive with 2 kids aged 5 & 2.

Black Stump

Went for a quick walk in the afternoon to see the Jackie Howe Memorial and also the Anzac park. Another really nice town.

Amy’s Post: 

Blackall was lovely, best night sleep yet on the trip so far. 🙂 It was cool seeing the BLACK STUMP! The Jackie Howe memorial was pretty cool as well. Cool adventures that haven’t been uncovered there definitely.  Would go there again. Bye from Amy 🙂 🙂 🙂 

Trip Tip: Large Ziploc bags are great for organising your clothes in your bag. Separate everything into different bags e.g. shirts, pants, underwear etc then just pull out the relevant bag when looking for things.  Much easier than having everything all mixed together.


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