Blue Heeler Hotel & Mary Kathleen

Decided not to drive into Combo waterhole on our way to Mt Isa. Combo waterhole is believed to be the billabong from Waltzing Matilda, however since we’d just spent four days camped by a billabong under some coolabah trees, we figured we had a pretty accurate idea of what it would be like.

Stopped briefly in Kynuna to have lunch at the famous Blue Heeler Hotel.  Lots of signatures and writing all over the bar room.  Blue Heeler burgers were nice, but we were not exactly wowed by the whole experience.  We figured Walk About Creek Hotel in McKinley, of Crocodile Dundee fame, would be pretty similar, so we just looked at it out the window as we drove past.  We’ll have to watch the movie with kids before we get home.

Blue Heeler Hotel

Mary Kathleen

Who would have thought it could be so hard to find a giant pit that used to be a uranium Mine???? On our way to Mt Isa we stopped at the ghost town that used to be the uranium mining town of Mary Kathleen. I’ve always wanted to visit Mary Kathleen; the idea of ghost towns appeals to me, probably because I was intrigued by the Marie Celeste ghost ship when I was a kid.  I’m a bit special I know J

Anyway, we turned off the highway to the township then followed some dubious hand painted signs toward the mine. It was a little stressful driving up and down little dirt tracks with the trailer still hitched up to the car.  After a few false starts and some scrambling up big piles of rocks, we discovered the road to the mine pit and its bright blue waters has been fenced off. Bummer!  I suppose it could be argued that avoiding radiation is a good thing. LOL

Mary Kathleen

The streets from the town are still there and also some of the concrete slabs from the houses and buildings, so our ghost town visit wasn’t a complete bust.

Mary Kathleen

It’s a popular free camping spot, especially for caravans, with heaps of them set up on the bitumen. Not for us today, so we moved onto Mt Isa.

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  1. Hey guys, looks like you’re having a ball! Megan I can show you some photos of the mine pit when you get home if you like LOL!

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