Boonoo Boonoo… again

With work and study getting in the way of our ability to get away in the camper much this year we decided to go for a quiet long weekend just over the border in NSW at Boonoo Boonoo National Park. Last time we drove here we made the mistake of going over the Border Ranges and then following our GPS on a very long winded trip. This time we chose the shorter option of going via Stanthorpe. Camp ground was almost empty and we found a good spot to set up.


The plan for the weekend was to relax around camp, go for a swim and climb Bald Rock. It was fairly overcast and quite cool so we dropped the swimming idea and relaxed at camp while the kids explored the creek.




After some rain in the night and realising we had borrowed and not replaced a few key things from the camper pantry we decided to drive into Tenterfield for some shopping. On noticing a nice old building in the distance we drove for a closer look and came across the Tenterfield Rail Museum.



The kids loved looking around the old machinery.








After a quick lunch at camp and with the sun now out we decided to drive down the road to climb Bald Rock. We had been wanting to do this since our first visit to the area a few years ago. It was well worth the effort.








On reaching the summit we were looking for somewhere to have a rest break and some snacks when Liam slipped on some of the loose granite pebble and landed square on his right knee making a concerning split and various other grazes. Fortunately for once I had packed the day use section of our first aid kit. Unfortunately we had never really looked at what was in the day use section and realised we had no antiseptic and no suitable band aids. Just as we improvised a bandage with an eye patch and some tape we heard a rumble in the distance of an approaching thunderstorm. Not wanting to be stuck on the highest rock around we limped back to the car as fast as we could and headed back to camp to do a proper repair job on Liam’s knee.

The next morning was pack up day and not being in any hurry to get home we had a lazy breakfast and went for a walk down to the creek to enjoy a final bit of quiet time (yep we left the kids at camp).