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Boonoo Boonoo

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Lookout Boonoo Boonoo Falls

12 November 2011

After our premature departure from the area last time I was very keen to get back to Boonoo Boonoo and had managed to swing a Friday off work to make it a long weekend. With the road works going on at Cunningham’s Gap we were keen to try an alternate route and after a bit of fiddling on Google maps we decided we would head via Beaudesert over the Boarder Ranges. Well I think I missed a turn somewhere as it felt like we crossed the Great Dividing Range about 3 times and also had the added stress of trying to make the single lane bridge in Tabulam before it closed for road works. Anyway, 5 hours later we grabbed a light lunch in Tenterfield and headed out to the camp ground. For details on camp ground and fees etc see:

Campground Boonoo Boonoo

The campground is in a reach of the river and slopes down from the road with about a dozen terraced sites and some larger flat areas at the bottom. As we were meeting up with some friends and their family we set up in one of the larger areas.

River Boonoo Boonoo

It was a fairly cold grey day for November highlighting the fact that you are approx. 1000m above sea level here.

River Boonoo Boonoo


River Boonoo Boonoo


Some friends came with us this trip so while parents were relaxing around camp the kids amused themselves playing amongst the trees washed up on the banks of the river. Liam managed to fall in and completely soak his one warm jumper and one pair of closed in shoes. Started up a fire (thanks NSW Parks for the fire rings & free firewood) to try and dry things out and while everything was dry enough to wear by next morning it was several months before the camp fire smell went out of Liam’s jumper.

Saturday morning was a bit cold and grey so we went for a walk down the river.

Hideout Boonoo Boonoo

River Boonoo Boonoo

River Boonoo Boonoo

River Boonoo BoonooThe afternoon was sunnier so we went up to the waterfall and had a swim in the rock pools. Always a bit disconcerting swimming in place where you don’t know how deep it is or what’s on the bottom.

Sunday morning there was a fairly heavy dew so while we waited for canvas to dry we went for a drive back to Thunderbolts Hideout. Came back to camp and packed up with the plan to head over to Bald Rock.

Thunderbolt's Hideout

Bald Rock track

Bald Rock

Bald Rock

Had lunch at Bald Rock but it was a bit late in the day to attempt a climb factoring in a 4 hour drive home.

Had a bit of a scare on the way home. We took Mount Lindsay Rd most of the way and with my fuel gauge showing only ¼ full I knew I needed to stop somewhere. The small servo in Liston had shut for the day so on we went. There were no fuel options in Legume so when we hit the road that takes you over the Boarder Ranges and the fuel light came on I was a little worried. Decided to head into Killarney in the hope that at 3pm on a Sunday afternoon we would be OK. I was even more worried when the co-op service station was closed and we started to contemplate a run to Warwick. Finally found Shirl & Sandy’s takeaway come service station and was very happy to be able to fill the tank. Headed back over the mountains to Beaudesert and home again.



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