After the issues with the car in Tumut we had a trouble free trip through to Canberra stopping off at The Dog on the Tucker Box at Gundagai before arriving at our site at EPIC. Friendly staff and convenient location are the nicest things I could say about this place. Whoever decided to plum the showers directly to the ceiling of the shower stalls has obviously never travelled with girls with long hair who don’t want to wash it every shower. Must be fun in the middle of winter here. It wasn’t cold by Canberra standards but the kids still enjoyed sneaking into G & G’s caravan where the fan heater was running in the morning.



After catching up with a friend of Liam’s whose family had moved down here 12 months earlier we spent the afternoon at the War Memorial. This place has changed heaps since I was last here some 20 odd years ago. There are some really thought provoking multimedia displays and some great interactive exhibits for the kids. On the way back to camp we stopped at the park where Floriad was being set up but couldn’t see anything overly interesting.



The next morning we said goodbye to Grandma & Grandad who were heading over to the coast for their run back to Brisbane. We packed a cut lunch and went and visited Questacon The National Science & Technology Centre. Megan was feeling a little guilty about the kids missing out on their ‘academic’ education by being away from school for the whole semester and I think this place assuaged more than a little guilt for her. It was awesome and needs to be on the must see list for anyone with kids visiting Canberra.






In the afternoon we went to the Royal Australian Mint and managed to get a tour guide to ourselves for the tour around the public areas. Everyone really enjoyed the experience and the kids loved hearing about and seeing the various robots that operate through out the mint.




The next morning we packed up and moved on to Mudgee.