Carnarvon Gorge Contd

The plan for the day was to walk in as far as Wards Canyon and then stop at as many spots as possible on the way out. The idea being if we got tired out we could go straight back to camp and do a shorter walk the next day to catch what we’d missed. At about 4kms in to the walk and complaining of stomach cramps, Liam decided he needed an urgent toilet stop so Megan took him the 2km round trip back to the toilets. Fortunately there are amenities near the turn off to the Moss Garden. The rest of the group walked on to Wards Canyon.




With Megan & Liam catching up and every one feeling quite fresh we decided to go on to the Art Gallery. It’s an interesting spot but none of us can get really excited over rock art since our visit to Kakadu.



From there we turned back towards The Amphitheatre which after a climb up some steep stairs and a couple of one way traffic jams inside the cleft was just amazing.



With another urgent toilet request, this time from Amy, and too many people around for a quick detour off the track, Megan again escorted one of ours back to the toilet. After a little too much haste in crossing the river Amy stumbled and landed in the water. With wet denim shorts and another 3 kms to walk back to the car Amy (& Meg thanks Mum) opted to skip the Moss Garden.




From the Moss Garden back to the car park was about 3 kms and it felt every bit as far. According to the National Parks guide we had covered approx 14kms with Megan and Liam doing close to 16kms.


The last crossing is a welcome sight.


The next day, with every one suffering tired legs and my knee making an alarming clicking sound we decided on a short walk to Boolimba Bluff. It was only 6.4km return and a 300m steep climb with steps and ladders! The views were worth it though.