Carnarvon Gorge


Woke up this morning with ice crystals formed like stars on the inside of the tent. When the sun finally came up and started to burn the frost off it started to rain a little inside so it took a little time to try and dry things off as much as possible before packing up.

We were booked in for 4 nights at the Takarakka Bush Resort which, as the crow flies, is about 50kms from where we were camped at Mount Moffat. Unfortunately to get there we had to first drive to Injune along one of the most variable roads we have been on. In the 4 hours we saw large sharp gravel, red dirt corrugations, patches of bull dust that threw a bow wave off the front of the car, sandy sections reminiscent of Moreton Island and many dry creek crossings. We managed to make it in to Injune too late for lunch at the local shop and after the supermarket had closed. Fortunately the pub was open :).

Driving around Injune looking for alternative lunch options we did manage to find the friends we were to meet at Carnarvon at the local park. Said a quick hello and dragged the kids away in search of food & fuel. For lunch we did manage to get a couple of very large boxes of chips at the roadhouse after we’d fuelled up to keep us going on the 2 1/2 hours up the highway. To top the day off we got stuck behind some European tourists in a rental van that had no concept of going a little faster to make the corrugations smoother.

Next day we hit the short walks to Baloon Cave & Mickey Creek Gorge.