With one of our longest driving days today we left Chinchilla weir at a very leisurely 8.30am. We have a reservation at our destination and with such a minimal set up when we arrive one of the real joys of the van is the removal of the need to get there early. We stopped at the very busy Roma Bakery for a late morning snack and then again at a park in Morven for an early afternoon coffee.

DSCN4849 DSCN4850

There are quite a few indicators of a fair bit of recent rain around and I wonder at how successful we will be in getting all the way to Cameron Corner this trip.

After a few lamington fingers and a coffee we make way for our destination at Evening Star Tourist Park just out of Charleville.


You can’t miss the turn off.


Despite the pictures above the weather wasn’t very kind with a cold, windy drizzle setting in on Sunday and Monday showed a maximum temperature of only 11c at lunch time so after checking out the town we ended up at the RSL for lunch. After lunch we went back to camp and watched a movie in the van with the heater running. Soft I know 🙂 .



Checking out the Corones Hotel. You don’t see public bars like this any more.

We were booked in to do the Cosmos Centre session that night but it ended up being cancelled due to cloud cover. Fortunately they could book us in to a session the following night.

The weather cleared up the next day and I spent some time adding some stone protection to the plumbing and brake cables under the van.

That evening we went into town for The Bilby Experience followed by our session at the Cosmos Centre. Hearing about the bilbies, the conservation work done to protect them and the number of feral enemies they have you can’t help but develop some admiration for the little buggers. Then when you get to see them you just want to take one home with you 🙂 .


After the bilbies we had a bit of time to kill so we stopped by the vortex rain making guns.


Naturally no photos of the Cosmos Centre but it was a real highlight of Charleville and an absolute must do for anyone with school age kids. Our only disappointment was we didn’t get the longer session that was cancelled the night before.


Our site at The Evening Star.


One of the old trucks used for decoration around the caravan park.

Thoroughly enjoyed our time in Charleville and if we stop here again will definitely do the hands on bilby experience and the longer session at the Cosmos Centre.

We’ve been keeping an eye on the road closures out here and unfortunately the roads to the Dig Tree, the Strezlecki and all roads to Cameron Corner are still closed due to flooding. We won’t be going as far as we’d originally planned so we have decided to pair back the distances and instead enjoy some of the outback towns we’ve only heard of. Next stop Quilpie.