Chinchilla Weir

Excited to be going away for 2 whole weeks and the first longish test of travelling with our Starcraft, we were packed and underway by about 11 am. Our first day destination is Chinchilla Weir (thanks Wikicamps) as with both Megan & I working full time we just didn’t have the time or energy to get everything ready and packed to do a 4am departure and a full days drive. As per previous trips our first stop was our traditional meal at Maccas in Toowoomba. Unfortunately we got stuck behind a flat bed gas bottle delivery truck going up the range and washed so much speed off it was really hard to get any momentum up to overtake him when space allowed. In hindsight I should have just trundled along behind him as it made no time difference and probably cost me a couple of dollars in fuel to ovetake. Will put that down as learning as I still come to grips with towing >2t.

Pulled in to Chinchilla Weir about 3pm and managed to find a spot. Quite a lot of other caravanners and a couple of camper trailers taking advantage of free power and toilets.



After a quick walk down to the boat ramp we returned to the van to make dinner –  Spag in a Bag! Temperature dropped quickly as soon as the sun was gone and we made good use of the diesel heater I had recently installed.4-DSCN4848