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Dubbo Zoo


Woke up at 6.40am in the dark!  I’m too much of a coastal dweller and expect it to be light by then.  Liam asked if it was “Dawn Crack” 🙂 . To the uninitiated this is also known as the “Crack of Dawn”.

First pack up went well.  All done in an hour.  We’re all a bit sad to leave the Warrumbungle National Park.  We could easily have stayed here for a week and there’s heaps of walks we could’ve done  .  Good excuse to come back again.

We arrived in Dubbo around lunch time and checked in to the Dubbo Parklands Big 4.  Nice park with the usual Big 4 treasures for the kids – Jumping Pillow, Pool, Playground. It even has a BMX track!  It’s a bit busy after a National Park though.  We lashed out and treated ourselves to an ensuite site.  Ahhhhhh – the luxury of showers alone and a flushing toilet only a few metres away.

Spent the afternoon supply shopping, doing laundry etc.  Cameron was interviewed at random by the  “The Daily Liberal Paper” to find out if he’d ever been scammed.  Couple that up with all the signs everywhere about thieves and it makes you keep a close eye on your wallet.

Kids had a lovely time swimming in the pool.


Happy 7th Birthday Amy!


Started the day with presents, then it was off to visit Amy’s destination pick for the trip – Dubbo Zoo.

It’s a nice Zoo with the animals in large open paddocks and enclosures.  Much nicer than some inner city Zoos we’ve seen overseas where all the animals are in cramped cages.

Dubbo Zoo

Decided to drive around the Zoo  as we thought  6km  was a little too far for the kids to walk.  Wish we’d taken our bikes, it would have been great to ride around instead.  You are allowed to take your own bikes otherwise you can hire bikes their for $15 per bike. They also have electric carts for hire.

We all had a favourite at the Zoo.  Amy loved feeding the giraffes.


Dubbo Zoo

Dubbo Zoo




My favourite was the Galapagos tortoise.


Dubbo Zoo

Cameron & Liam loved the Siamang monkeys and their very loud singing calls. I have a sneaking suspicion that the monkeys were actually yelling rude things at us. 🙂

We finished the visit with a play in the kids playground and a visit to the gift shop.  Both kids used some of their savings to buy toy monkeys, who now go by the names Cheeky and Mimi.

After birthday cupcakes for lunch we headed off to the Dubbo Gaol.

Dubbo Gaol

The gaol was quite interesting, with animated mannequins and lots of original items on display.  Liam found some of it a bit scary, especially the solitary confinement room which was completely dark.  Must confess that I didn’t like that room much either.

Dubbo Gaol

The kids thought it was great fun to lock Mum & Dad up and to put them in the stocks.

Dubbo Gaol

It was fairly late in the afternoon, about closing time for the gaol, by the time we started heading back towards the exit.  While we were walking we heard a huge clang, which was the main gate shutting, the kids heard it, thought we were being locked in the gaol for the night and took off like rockets for the front gate.  I’ve never seen them move so fast and the looks on their faces were priceless!

Kids had another swim before going out to the local Bowls Club for a birthday dinner.  Unfortunately it turned out the pool at the camp ground had heaps of chlorine in it and since I forgot to pack the kids goggles,by the time we were ready to order dinner both kids eyes were so sore they could barley open them. Our nice dinner was cancelled and we had an emergency eye drop trip instead, followed by McDonalds.  Mmmm yummy! At least the kids thought so 🙂

Family Trip Tip: The kids should always use goggles in campground pools. You never know what the chemical levels are like. Also keep some eye drops in your first aid kit. It beats tying to find a chemist or shop at night or on the weekend.




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