Finch Hatton

Left the cool of Blackdown Tableland and headed north up the Fitzroy Developmental Rd heading towards Mackay. I was worried a developmental rd might mean single lane bitumen but it was a very nice dual lane road and much more comfortable than heading up the Pacific Highway. We stopped for a coffee in a rest area near the turn off to Middlemount and the kids enjoyed watching all the cows who came up to the fence to watch us.

Drove on to Nebo where we had to race a family with a caravan to the one park in town and then race to claim the one covered picnic table in the park. We won thanks to the manoeuvrability of the camper trailer. Where they had to do a block of the town we could do a u-turn and head straight back to the park. They did however take the shine off of our victory by smugly sitting at their own table in their caravan.

Drove on to our stop for the night at Platypus Bush Camp which is near Finch Hatton Gorge. It’s a fairly casual place and to be honest I probably should have been put off by the claim on their web site of “THE FAIR DINKUM AUSSIEĀ  RAINFOREST RETREAT“; or that the proprietors name was Wazza; or that when checking in we were told the hot water system had just broken and he was waiting on parts. But we paid for a couple of nights and set up camp any way.


We had a nice spot which we realised later was actually the carpark.


Cold showers and green frogs in the toilet aside (Wazza did go to great lengths with the European tourists to explain why you had to put the seat down) the place was beautiful and despite the continued rain we stayed for a couple of days and chilled out after covering some 1300kms in the last few days.



Didn’t get to see any platypus though.


Had a nice counter meal in the pub at Finch Hatton on the last night and revelled in the mobile reception available to contact family and to tee up with our friends in Townsville to make sure we were welcome for our next leg.