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Flanagan Reserve

Posted on May 5, 2012 by |


Wow almost 6 months since we’ve been away. Just a quick trip to . Drove down after work to the annoying noise of the front prop shaft on the car squeaking. Not a pleasant sound on a Discovery 2 as it is a precursor (we later found out) to them letting go and smashing around the gearbox & transfer case.

Flanagan Reserve

It was a long weekend and the place was absolutely packed. An amazing sight cresting a hill near the campground to see all the tents set up with lights going and camp fires out the front. Found our friends in the dark and set up a basic camp quickly so we could join everyone with a drink around the campfire.

For all the people camping here the owners/operators did an amazing job keeping the facilities clean, the rubbish collected and the overall vibe at the campground very relaxed.

Flanagan Reserve

The weather was cold and clear and while we didn’t need to we tested out the new walls to our annex. After a quote from the manufacturer of our camper of approx. $1,800 for full canvas walls we decided to seek an alternative. The $1,800 was probably a fair price given the quality of canvas and workmanship evident in the rest of the tent but for the use we would give them and the space they would occupy in the trailer it didn’t seem worthwhile.

Flanagan Reserve

Flanagan Reserve

We settled on some modified Oztrail gazebo walls. They were just the right height, zipped together, packed away small and all up we enclosed the annex for about $300.

Had a relaxing couple of days catching up with friends.



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