Humble Beginnings

This is how it all started. Our first weekend away in the camper trailer was not in some rugged National Park but at the Big 4 Maroochydore. We figured that it was best to get away for a night and take a notepad to sort out everything we would like or need to have with us without being too far away from civilisation should essential items be missing.


It also enabled us to work out exactly how to set the camper up without the stress of a long drive to get there or having it absolutely essential to get it right. If all else failed we could get a cabin or even just pack up and go home.


Our camper was second or third hand and cost less than $3,000 from The Trading Post. Frustratingly we actually bought it in Oct 2010 but with a few months of horrible weather culminating in the floods of January 2011 February was the first time we could actually get away.


The kids got to try out their new bunk beds and formed their love affair with giant inflatable jumping pillows, resort pools and mini golf. Sadly on more recent longer trips where budget became more of a consideration some of these essentials were missing 🙂 and they had to settle for a pool.