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Jenolan Caves

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Jenolan Caves


Left beautiful Lithgow Tourist Park today. Hooray!!!! Won’t miss hearing B-Doubles and freight trains all night.

Very cold 11C. It rained in the night so we had a wet pack up. I made the mistake of leaning down to pack a crate under the edge of the annex. A gust of wind blew and lifted the canvas and I had a freezing waterfall over my head and down my back.  Soaked my only warm fleece. Grrrrr!!!!

Headed off to the Jenolan Caves via Oberon. It’s a pretty drive and the kids were fascinated with the snow warning signs on the side of the road. No snow now of course, but still interesting to a couple of Qld kids. We forgot it was Friday and couldn’t get a cabin in Oberon. The caravan park lady organised a booking at Katoomba Falls for us.  We decided that a night in a cabin was in order after my drenching and subsequent dummy spit when leaving Lithgow.

Passed through the hamlet of “Edith”.  Will have to tell my Aunt Edith that we’ve been through her place. 🙂

Scary drive down the narrow mountain road with the camper trailer in tow to the caves.  The road is shut to general public at certain times of the day to allow the tour buses to drive to the caves.

Jenolan Caves

Jenolan Caves

The Jenolan Caves are my chosen destination for the trip.  I visited with my parents and brother when I was a child and loved it so I wanted to share it with my kids. There are 11 caves in total that you can visit – 1 unguided and 10 show caves that you can visit as part of a guided tour. Aside from the standard tours you can also do night tours and adventure tours. Unfortunately our budget and itinerary only allow for one tour. Another place we will need to visit again.

Jenolan Caves

The caves were great!!! The guide liked the kids so they got to be the leaders on the tour.  We went through the Chifley cave which had been explored by Jeremiah Wilson.  His signature was on the wall in the old change rooms. The kids thought he must have been pretty cool since he was a Wilson like us. 🙂

Jenolan Caves

Amy was quite taken with the story about Katie Webb, a young girl in 1881 who was lowered down a rope by the tour party and became the first person ever to explore that part of the cave.


Jenolan Caves

We also did the self guided tour of the Nettle Cave and The Devil’s Coach house and the river walk.  We enjoyed both walks.

Jenolan Caves

Jenolan Caves

We had an interesting trip back up the mountains from teh caves.  The road is only 1.5 lanes wide and we got stuck behind 2 tour buses which met up while going in opposite directions. I was very impressed at the reversing skills of the larger bus! I understand now why they close the road for part of the day.

Checked in to our cabin in Katoomba. Not a luxurious cabin, but it was great to have solid walls, our own bathroom and be out of the cold. The back hinge on the camper snapped today. This means we can no longer flip the top and we have to unpack crawling through the trailer. Another good reason to be in a cabin tonight.

Katoomba falls is a lovely camp ground and the kids had a ball feeding the birds on the grass near the cabin.

Family Trip Tip: If possible visit the most popular and important destinations and attractions during the school term. We have found that when we travel outside the school holidays, the kids often get special treatment and learn a lot more.



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