Lake Hattah & Murray River

After an overnight stop in Renmark to stock up on food again we headed on to Mildura via Paringa where we found another Black Stump. We all started thinking about how long ago it was that we were at the Black Stump in Blackall and were reminded how fortunate we were to be able to do such a trip and just how far we had travelled to get to this point.

Renmark Black Stump

From Mildura we turned south to Lake Hattah. I wanted to visit here because my Grandfather was one of the many WW1 serviceman who were offered some land around here on return from the war. He & his new bride farmed here for several years before walking away from it and returning to Melbourne for work. We checked out the camp ground at Lake Hattah which was fairly dry & dusty and decided to head further into the park and try the other camp ground at Lake Mounpall, After topping up with a nice lunch and seeing a couple of other campers set up we decided to drive through some of the tracks in the park down to the Murray River.

Lake Mournpall

Lake Mournpall



Surprisingly the Garmin GPS had these tracks marked which was comforting as I hate towing a trailer down single lane tracks and not knowing what’s at the end. After making it to the Murray River we checked out the couple of free camps within the park at Jinkers Bend & Ki Bend. Again was apprehensive going down the single lane tracks and had a couple of hairy moments with a bog hole (nowhere else to go but straight through) and a 7 point turn with the trailer on as the track finished at the river. Did the usual thing of finding a nice spot and driving past it to find something better only to return 30 mins later having found most other spots were heavily shaded by monster river gums that were ready to drop large branches on unsuspecting campers from Qld.


Murray River Camping

Out of all the places we had been this was the first place we were able to camp by ourselves and it was magic. The days consisted of a quick scavenge for firewood, games of monopoly, the kids fishing with a lure with no hooks (we hoped this would exclude us from the fishing licence requirement), reading and generally doing very little. We had planned on staying here for 2 nights before moving further down the Murray but decided we like here so much we stayed for 3 nights.