Lake Houdraman

We’re a little bit lost without our original planned itinery now that we’ve struck the road closures. Only a short drive today from Charleville to Quilpie. Decided to check out a free camp on the way into town at a place called Lake Houdraman. Was a bit worried at what we’d find as the road out of town was still noted as closed and a recent comment in Wikicamps noted the camp was closed. Tentatively drove into the camp across a few muddy looking drains and seeing a few other vans camped up at the lake gave us further confidence to proceed.

Found a nice spot.


Decided to skip visting Quilpie until tomorrow and to just kick back and enjoy natures gifts. Nothing much more to say in this post which was originally going to be called Quilpie until I realised when I downloaded our photos that we didn’t actually take any in town. One thing we did note in town was the dozens of caravans and camper trailers passing through on the way to the Big Red Bash. We even discovered one of our neighbours were on their way there from Victoria. Our kids enjoyed playing with their daughter for the afternoon.

We stayed here for 2 nights and thoroughy enjoyed going for walks, playing Uno with the kids, having a fire and camp oven dinners with barely another soul in sight.

10-DSCN0621   11-DSCN0625

After getting mud all over your shoes the best thing to do is submerge them in the lake and then give them to your parents to try and dry out.