Lara Wetlands

Lara Wetlands is a working cattle station situated between Blackall & Barcaldine. After quite a long drive down a dirt driveway you suddenly arrive at the Wetlands which are fed from the onsite artesian bore. It was pretty busy with vans crammed in all around the edges of the wetland. As we like our space we decided on a site a bit further back from the water’s edge with room for the kids to ride their bikes and Ruby to run around like a lunatic.

After set up we headed over for a dip in the hot pool. Temperatures are still pretty cool so the warm water was lovely. Amy was less than impressed with the rustic amenities closest to our site (corrugated iron, solar power and bespoke stick towel holders etc) so elected to use the modern demountable amenities quite a walk away. Once we were all back at camp Cameron & Liam spent some boy time with an impromptu fire starting lesson.

The next day we had a pretty lazy day with a bit of exploring around the station. We decided to stay a second night as most of the other vans (about 50) moved on that morning. It would seem that the great nomad migration northward continues.

Water levels were a little bit low in the wetlands but it was still deep enough for Liam to spend some time exploring in the kayaks that were available near the camp store. The boys also spent some time racing on the bikes, sadly for both of them Ruby was the clear winner. 🙂