Litchfield National Park

Litchfield NP

After our aborted attempt on Friday, we came back to Litchfield today. We decided to camp at Florence Falls 2WD campsite;  we had discovered on Friday that although the drive into the 4WD camp site didn’t require much 4wding it was quite long and a bit annoying. Luck was with us today and the campsite was much emptier and we scored the exact campsite that Cameron had his eye on after our first drive through on Friday. A big site, right at the end of the campground near the shortcut to Florence Falls. Yeah! 🙂

After setting up camp we walked down the 135 stairs to have a swim.  Beautiful spot, lots of rocks and a lovely waterfall.

Florence Falls1

The rocks are really pretty but a bit difficult to clamber over to get into the water.  Very hard on your toes when you kick the rocks that you didn’t see under the water. Ouch!!!!  Once you get in the water away from the bank it’s pretty deep, so although it’s really beautiful there it’s not the most kid friendly water hole.

Florence Falls2

Florence Falls3

We watched the most glorious sunset from our campsite as we cooked dinner.

Litchfield National Park2

Litchfield National Park3


Great day today! A lazy morning followed by a mid-morning swim a Buley Rockhole. Lots of stepped rock holes and cascading falls, unfortunately lots of people too. 🙁

Buley Falls1

Buley Falls2

Stopped back in at camp to pack lunch then went 4wding to the Lost City. Bit of a bumpy drive in but well worth the trip. The kids spent lots of time climbing on the rock formations looking for cool perches to sit on.  With all the intermingled rocks and trees, it reminded me of Ankor Tom, one of the temples in Cambodia.

Lost City

Lost City2

We were all really hot after wandering around the Lost City in 35C heat, so we headed to Wangi Falls for a swim.  Definitely the best waterhole yet!!! Huge water pool with 2 big waterfalls flowing in.  Must be even more amazing in the wet season.  We all loved the little hot spa part way up the cliff; not only was it toasty warm, but if one person bomb dived in it made a lovely warm waterfall for those waiting below. Cameron and the kids had to do that heaps of times. 🙂  We all swam over to the big waterfall and took turns sitting in the rock seat under the falls.  Amy and Liam described it as the hardest shower ever.

Wangi Falls

Finished off this magic day with scones in the camp oven for dessert.  A big thank you to the Dutton family for the tip about using Lion scone mix.

Camp Oven Scones


Litchfield is really busy today. We had 3 different groups of people stalking our campsite between breakfast and leaving at 9.45am.  This has been a really good place to stay, but I won’t miss the mozzies or the people wanting to share our campsite. (On the second night we had a tour group leader ask if it would be ok if his group or backpackers set up another 9 tents in our site. We politely refused him on the basis we were looking for a bush camping experience not a caravan park.) After picking up some supplies we drove a couple of hours towards Kakadu to Corroboree Park Tavern.