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Lithgow – Zig Zag Railway

Posted on Mar 24, 2011 by |


Said “Goodbye” to our ensuite at Dubbo and headed off to Liam’s choice destination of the trip – Lithgow. Liam loves trains at the moment and is really keen to visit the Zig Zag railway.

Lunch in a park in the middle of Orange was very chilly. 18C is cold in summer clothes, especially when it was hot enough to swim the day before.  Amy, born and bred in sunny Brisbane, couldn’t believe people would live somewhere so cold. 🙂 Perhaps we should take her to visit our old home in Japan, where it  was minus 2C in winter.

Drove through Bathurst and arrived at Lithgow midafternoon. Found the town’s only caravan park. A bit depressing, full of itinerant workers and right on the train line. Watching the Indian Express go past at 6:10pm was very exciting; hearing the freight trains go through the tent all night was not so exciting.


View of the trains from our campsite.


Zig Zag railway was fantastic!!!!!

Zig Zag Railway

The conductor took a shine to the kids so they got to sit next to the driver for the beginning of the trip. They also got to push the levers in the signal box and learnt how the signals work.

Zig Zag Railway

Zig Zag Railway

Zig Zag Railway

No steam trains today so we rode in an old Qld diesel train. One engine from Gympie and one from Brisbane.

Zig Zag Railway

A couple of stops when the train changed directions and even a visit to train works shed.

Zig Zag Railway

Zig Zag Railway

We all loved it!

Family Trip Tip: If possible find out about important attractions before you arrive.  Saves on dissapointed kids.  In our case  the steam trains Liam was desperate to ride were running at the Zig Zag railway the day we arrived in Lithgow, but we didn’t’ realise so we waited until the next day to go & missed them.


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