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Qantas Museum


Lovely Hot shower to start the day. We tried using the butane stove toaster again without great success. What a way to crunchify some perfectly good bread. Toaster is now in the bin.

Faster pack up today, followed by a quick trip to the “Black Stump” on the way out of town. Amy loved it!!!!

An hour or so’s drive brought us to Barcaldine for a visit to the Tree of Knowledge.

Tree of Knowledge

The giant sculpture around the tree was amazing. Amy enjoyed all the place names on the ground. Both kids loved the giant glockenspiel seat in the park.  Scotch Finger biscuits snack in the park then on the road again.

Arrived in Longreach early afternoon. Had some lovely visitors just as we were finishing setting up – 2 brolgas!!! My choice for “Car Bingo”, so I was very happy.

Brolgas Longreach

Brolgas Longreach

In case you’re wondering the list of animals to spot for “Car Bingo” is as follows:-

Emu, Camel, Crocodile, Snake, live Kangaroo Jabiru, Brolga, Dingo & Bats.

So far we’ve seen Emu’s, Kangaroos and now Brolgas.


The Longreach Tourist Park is huge with heaps of Ensuite sites, but no grass anywhere. Lots of pea gravel and some gum trees. Really good amenities.

Liam finally got to play his long awaited game of family monopoly.


Off to the QANTAS museum today. Kids loved the flight simulator more than the historical displays. No surprise there! We went on the 11am tour which included being shown all over a Boeing 747 jumbo jet and also the original QANTAS 707.  Cameron & I both loved getting to see upstairs on a jumbo.

Qantas Museum

Qantas Museum

Liam was particularly impressed with the opulence of 707 – or the “Michael Jackson plane” as he called it.  I thought the gold seat belt buckles were a little over the top. 🙂

Qantas Museum

Qantas Museum

Qantas Museum

Qantas Museum

We went back to the campsite for lunch after a little souvenir shopping at the museum. Amy kindly offered the last “Plane pen” to Liam as he hadn’t been able to find anything that he liked.  Had a wander around in town during the afternoon. Fairly typical outback town.

We headed over to the camp sausage sizzle and bush music gathering for dinner. Turned out to be a tad expensive. We thought it $3.50 per head not per sausage. We’ll know to check things like that in the future.

Amy and Liam made their first kid acquaintances for the trip and had very inventive games.


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