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Lots Wife & Marlong Arch

Posted on Jul 5, 2014 by |

On our 3rd day here we drove the western section of the park and started with a visit to the Marlong Plain.


From there we stopped next at Lot’s Wife which is an impressive sandstone pillar in the middle of the bush.




Next was Kookaburra Cave with an interesting array of indigenous art & carving. See if you can work out why it’s called Kookaburra Cave.





Another few kms down the track is the Marlong Arch which is a great example of what wind and rain can do to sandstone.






From there we stopped in to check out Dargonelly Rock Hole Campground. It was not as large as West Branch but easily room for the maximum of 7 groups the NP website states. It was a little more exposed than West Branch but would also see a little more sun in the afternoon. Had a couple of sandwiches while we were there and 2 lots of grey nomads pulled in towing caravans. One was a Royal Flair offroad spec and the other was an onroad van towed by a Ford Territory. The people with the onroad van looked a little nervous when they opened the door on the van and you could see the look of relief when they came back out so I assume nothing much had broken/shaken loose.

After lunch we were all feeling lazy (too many sub zero nights) so we jumped back in the car and headed back to camp.




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