Elsey National Park


Mataranka & Katherine Round 1

Set up at Mataranka Cabins and Camping after another fairly long driving day.  Great camp ground!

Mataranka2The camp grounds remind me a little of a national park and is only 10 mins walk from Bitter Springs thermal pools.


The water at Bitter Springs is really warm 34C. Just my style. We all had noodles and floated down the water way to the bridge.  Great fun!  The run back to the thermal pool was very cold and hard on the feet.

A visit to the local servo to use the pay phone and organise the windscreen replacement.  The insurance lady was very nice but struggled with the fact that we were in NT and had no contactable phone because Optus doesn’t work out here.  After a lot of discussion managed to arrange to have the rear windscreen replaced in Katherine in 2 days’ time (Thursday).


Spent second day in Mataranka visiting Elsey Cemetery, the original Elsey station site and then the replica of the Elsey homestead at Mataranka Thermal Pools.  I’ve read “We of The Never Never” a couple of times so I really enjoyed visiting places from the book and teaching Amy & Liam about it.  I have the book on my tablet so I’m going to read it again while we’re up here.

Elsey Cemetery

Mataranka Homestead

The Mataranka Thermal Springs and camp ground is nice but a bit resort.  The hot springs have man made sides and look like a swimming pool.  We much prefer the natural setting of Bitter Springs.

Mataranka Hot Springs


Fun trip into Katherine for the windscreen replacement. Love all the termite mounds on the side of the road that have been dressed as people. Here is a ‘before’ photo of the windscreen.

Pajero Windscreen

Spent 2 hours wandering around an industrial estate & hanging out in hardware stores waiting for the car to be finished.  Think we got the wrong colour tinted glass. Damn!

Windscreen finished, then a trip into Katherine central for a spot of grocery shopping.  Discovered that you have to pay for plastic bags in NT & shopping centre toilets in Katherine.

Back to camp to vacuum seal all the meat then another visit to Bitter Springs.  No swimming or me this time as the calcium and minerals in all the springs we’ve been visiting have dried my skin out so much that my legs hurt and look like snake skin. I did get to see 3 turtles under the bridge at the end of the springs while I waited for Cameron & the kids. Cool!

Bitter Springs