Mount Moffatt

The road north to Mitchell whilst good and fairly smooth was in some places single lane and in others 1.75 lanes wide. Got stuck behind a caravan doing 75km/h for 20kms or so which was a little frustrating as I knew we had a long drive ahead. Stopped in Mitchell for some lunch, fuel, food, beer etc and continued on the approx 220kms north towards the Mt Moffatt section of the Carnarvon National Park. The road in is dirt for about half the distance and would be not very good after rain.


We had booked online at West Branch camp ground and given it was Qld school holidays I was a little nervous about how full it would be. Turns out I needn’t have been as when we arrived at about 4pm there was one other group of 3 camper trailers set up. Picked a spot as far away from them as possible and began the set up.


Followed by some refreshments 🙂


We knew it was going to be cold after seeing the thermometer on the veranda at the Overflow fall to -2c in the morning but the first morning was a new ‘low’ for us. I woke about 2am because I was cold and then had the joy of taking my tracky dacks off to get some thermal bottoms on and then try and warm up again. I ended up sleeping in a long sleeve thermal shirt, long sleeve T shirt, fleece pullover and soft shell jacket inside my sleeping bag. Bbbbrrrrrrr cold! We woke up to an inch of ice in the water bottle beside the bed and a fairly substantial frost. Possibly the worst part was the time between waking up at about 6am to when the sun would come up properly after 7am and start to slowly warm things up. The ambient temperature on the thermometer was only noted as ‘Lo’ (less than zero) until after 8.30am.




The camp ground was great with fire rings provided (BYO firewood), limited water and 2 drop toilets. The road/track in was a little soft and sandy in places and I don’t think you’d get an offroad caravan in easily but we did see a group with 2 Jayco Eagle/Hawk Outback there. The kids had a great time exploring the suspension bridge that joins the camp ground up to the Carnarvon Great Walk track as well as a couple of caves behind the camp ground.