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Mt Isa

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Mt Isa

Liam’s first big question as we drove through Mt Isa to our caravan park “Why did they build a giant mine in the middle of town?”  Good question I thought given how huge the mine is and how much it dominates the town.

We lucked out at the caravan park! We paid for a powered site and got an Ensuite included because it was old and hadn’t been renovated yet.  I love my Ensuite!!!!

After 4 nights at Bladensburg National Park, with 1 long drop toilet and no running water, a private shower and toilet at our camper door is heaven.  It’s so lovely being properly clean. We spent a full day washing & cleaning ourselves and our gear.

My Isa Scool of the AirA visit to Mt Isa School of the air was a real eye opener for both the kids and Cameron and I.  Sounds like the School of the Air kids get more personalised attention than kids at standard schools in the city.  It was great for the kids to see how other kids live.

My Isa Scool of the AirA visit to the Underground Hospital also showed the kids a different way of life.  The hospital was dug in WWII when people were worried that Mt Isa would be bombed as Darwin was.  Very very basic facilities.  It was really interesting to see the tunnels and all the old medical equipment.  The volunteer ladies running the tours were just lovely.

Underground Hospital

Underground Hospital


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