Mudgee to Tamworth

On leaving Canberra we travelled north via Bathurst for a night in Mudgee. Last time I drove through Bathurst I decided not to drive Mt Panorama and I kind of regretted it so this time we took the Paj for a ‘hot’ lap. While not the biggest V8 fan I have spent quite a few hours watching Bathurst over the years and driving the course adds a whole new level of respect for what the drivers of those cars can do. It is much steeper, tighter and scarier than you can imagine from TV.

On arriving in Mudgee we elected to take a cabin for the night and enjoy a bit of indoor luxury for the first time in 9 weeks.


We didn’t do any sight seeing in this area and were kind of reluctantly dragging ourselves back to Brisbane with the realisation of our real lives commencing again soon :(. The next day we drove to Tamworth via Dunedoo and came across the third of the alleged 11 Black Stumps in Australia.


We booked in to a caravan park in Tamworth and again didn’t really venture far from camp apart from the bottlelo and a drive past the giant guitar on the way out of town in the morning.


Next stop… The Beach!!