New Adventures

Megs and I have been fortunate enough to get some time off work so we’ve enrolled the kids in Distance Education and hope to be back for Christmas. The green line will join back to Brisbane but here is a rough draft of where we are headed.

After packing the house up, changing our mind a couple of time about whether to sell or rent the house (we ended up keeping it) , we headed off on our big Lap. The first catastrophe struck before we even really made it out of Brisbane.

About 30 minutes from home on the Gateway motorway Cameron suddenly remembered that he hadn’t locked the fridge door in the caravan closed. We pulled over, opened the van door and found the frozen packets of meat all over the floor next to the vegie crisper now in many pieces. Fortunately the meat was all vacuum sealed and none of milk or really messy things had spilt to clean up wasn’t too bad. A new crisper or substitute was now on our list of things to buy.

We spent the night at Cam’s sister’s place in Stanthorpe for a family farewell and then after a chilly start had leisurely drive to Lake Coolmunda for the first real night of our Lap. The caravan park was fairly basic but was close enough to the Lake for a nice afternoon walk.

Moving on the next day we headed to Charleville and ran into the tail of the great “Grey Nomad Migration”. We couldn’t believe how many caravans there were everywhere and how hard it was to find a site for the night. We ended up in the Overflow at the Evening Star Tourist Park. We’ve stayed there before and we very happy they could squeeze us in.

It was a late start in the morning after the car wouldn’t start (Tip: disconnect your 12v feed from car to the caravan when plugging in to 240v).  Once we finally got underway it was a pretty uneventful drive to Lara Wetlands. We did enjoy spotting some interesting road signs that remind you that you’ve left the city behind.