After a very hectic week and lots of late night preparation we got under way on Sunday morning about 10am. First stop was Toowoomba for a traditional dose of Maccas for the start of the holidays. It was 12 degrees C and really windy and it didn’t help our concerns about how we’d stay warm this trip.

First nights camp was at Lees Reserve between Yelarbon & Goondiwindi. It was a beautiful spot on the river and apart from some locals camped a few hundred meters away we had the place to ourselves.





After setting up camp we joined the kids in some exploration around the river bank. Would be really nice for a swim in warmer months. Amy learnt to skim rocks and was soon giving her brother some tips.


After getting a little fire started in our firepit we had a simple dinner and went to bed to the relaxing sound of our distant neighbours generator.


In the morning we went for a little walk while waiting for the sun to rise fully. Not far to go today so it was a leisurely pack up and on the road around 10am.


One of the downfalls of a camper trailer is if you pack up after rain or heavy dew the wet canvas sits on top of your bed. We have traditionally overcome this with a plastic mattress protector that Megan packs over the top of our beds as a moisture and dirt protector. Unfortunately on our last outing the mattress protector scored a big hole in it and we only realised this morning we hadn’t replaced it as yet. We thought about stopping in Goondiwindi to replace it but decided on leaving it until we got to St George thinking (wrongly) we would have more options.

We took the opportunity for a lunch stop at Nindigully Pub for what seems to be a burgeoning tradition of having a beer and a plate of chips at various iconic pubs around the place. The Nindigully Pub, built in 1864, is believed to be one of Queensland’s longest continually licenced premises. It was also a Cobb & Co changing station between the late 19th century and the early 20th century. After being served by the obligatory Irish backpacker behind the bar it was a cold and windy 45 min wait for our chips. Fortunately they were good chips.



We stopped in St George for some fuel and to try and purchase a cover for our bed. The best we could manage was the plastic bag a new mattress comes in courtesy of Beds ‘R Us. It’ll do nicely. Next stop would be Megan’s friend from school about an hour up the Mitchell – St George road.