Topped up with fuel and food in Quilpie and hit the road towards Eromanga. Arrived in town about lunchtime so we thought we would do our traditional iconic pub lunch of a beer and a plate of chips. Picked up the key to the local museum at the pub and had a good look through some really cool displays. The video is a must see.

02-DSCN4923 04-DSCN4928

While we were dropping the key back to the pub we got chatting to a lady who had just come through from Innamincka and confirmed that the road to the Dig Tree was now open and that there were no problems getting through. This gave us some hope but I was a little concerned that they were in a lifted Landcruiser and towing a Tvan and we were in a fairly stock Pajero & towing a 2t Jayco. Slightly different perspectives.

While we were looking around these guys pulled up which was a much better place to pass them than on the single lane road 🙂 .


We drove on into the afternoon with tonights destination of Noccundra and the free camp on the Wilson River.


Still a lot of water around but found a nice spot for the night and headed over to the pub to see about dinner.


After a busy 12+ months without a real holiday it is very nice to see the family relaxing and laughing.


It’s a beatiful old pub and we decided to shout ourselves dinner and a couple of drinks in the dining room.



We’re seriously considering making a run for the Dig Tree in the morning and see where we can get to from there. As the sun is going down I step outside to take some photos, spot this sign and wonder if it is the right move to be heading further west.