On to Townsville

Off to Townsville to catch up with some friends for the night before heading up to Undara with the 2 families. Our GPS gave us some dud directions on the way out of Finch Hatton so instead of doing an early morning bakery stop for breakfast we ended up with a mid morning stop at a run down service station somewhere on the Bruce Highway. Having made it all the way past Mackay without being on the Bruce Highway we had forgotten it is full of roadworks, traffic and a succession of really big caravans doing 80km/hr.

Stopped for lunch in Bowen and enjoyed some of the first sunshine we had seen for the trip. Found a nice park on the north side of town and enjoyed the sun and beautiful views.Bowen

Bowen Park

Not long after getting back on the highway I heard a slight pop from the direction of the trailer and saw in the rear vision mirror that the right hand tyre on the trailer was quickly deflating. Not knowing how long the tyre would last for or what the road was like up ahead I pulled over at the next available spot which was not ideal. Being the roadside tyre Megan played spotter when trucks and traffic were coming so I could stop and get well off the road. Got the tyre changed and noticed what poor condition the spare was in (they always look better as spares than on the vehicle) and started thinking about replacements.

Made it in to Townsville early enough to get 2 new tyres fitted to the camper. When we were unpacking at Blackdown Tableland we realised that the 240v power cord for the fridge was still plugged in to the wall back in Brisbane so also took the opportunity to see the inside of a Dick Smith store and bought a replacement. The plan was to leave early the next morning to drive up to Undara so our original plan to spend the afternoon on a cooks tour of Townsville was dumped in lieu of some essential shopping.

Hopefully next time we visit we’ll have enough time to look around.

Camping Tip: When you unplug you fridge from 240v at home to pack in the car make sure you immediately unplug the rest of the cord and pack it with the fridge.