Our Biggest Trip Yet!!!

We’ve done a fair bit of exploring in our trusty camper trailer since we bought it about 2 years ago and every time we go away on a trip we daydream about going for much longer than a weekend or a couple of weeks in the school holidays. We’ve schemed, planned and wracked our brains looking for a way to make it possible. We’ve talked about where we’d like to go, how long we’d like to go for.  Should we go North, South or West, would we go for a month, a school term or even a year???

It’s always seemed like just a daydream not something we could really do, but guess what the dream is about to become reality!!!!! In a few short weeks we’re heading off on a 3 month camping trip through western Qld, the Northern Territory, SA and even a bit of Victoria, NSW and the ACT thrown in.

As always we all got to choose a place we wanted to visit on the trip. – Amy is keen to strike it rich Opal fossicking in Opalton (QLD) and Coober Pedy (SA); Liam can’t wait to see the Devil’s Marbles (NT), he particularly wants to see the one that looks like a giant Pac Man 🙂 ; I’m looking forward to visiting Combo Water Hole near Winton (QLD) which is the billabong from Waltzing Matilda and doing a wetlands cruise in Kakadu (NT); Cameron is keen to visit Lawn Hill National Park (QLD) and the Olgas (NT) and of course all four of us can’t wait to see Uluru.

Trip Planning

We’ve already put in a heap of time and energy to planning and preparing for this trip and we still have a  bit more to go.  I have a notebook full of lists – packing lists, shopping lists, To do lists…….  We have spreadsheets too, which we’ve used to plan our itinerary and do our budget etc. I’ve prepared Study Guides for the kids to do on the trip and spoken to their teachers. We’ve organised leave from our jobs and someone to care for our house and Princess the Super Guinea Pig.  We’ve improved our camper trailer (we actually have a proper pantry now!) and even upgraded our car. Poor old Landy the Landrover got traded in on a much newer and more reliable Pajero. It was a very sad day for Cameron and Landy but a happy one for me. 🙂