Queen Mary Falls

Queen Mary Falls

Drove back from Canungra after conducting a friend’s wedding the day before. Picked up the kids from Grandma & Grandads’s and left for Queen Mary Falls around lunchtime.

We thought the trailer was squeaking as we went up Cunningham’s Gap and were getting a bit worried – took a little while to realise it was the Bell Birds! 🙂

Kids and I were hungry on the drive as we hadn’t had any lunch. Finally convinced  “Captain Gottagetthere” to stop at the co-op in Killarney (10 minutes from camp) to grab some snacks.

Checked into Queen Mary Falls Caravan Park.  A really pretty park and very green. There are birds everywhere!!!! Heaps of birdwatchers stay here – both camping and in the cabins.

We’re camping with friends this trip, and were allocated 2 campsites near the toilets and a small creek. The campsites turned out to be the wettest in the whole campgounds. Bit of a problem considering we’re in our soft floor camper trailer and our friends were camping in a tent. 🙁

Our friends arrived at dusk and brought the rain with them.


Rained pretty much all day. Not just light rain either. We did get to try out our new annex walls. We discovered that with  bit of new velcro we are able to use  Oztrail gazebo walls on our camper annex.  A cheap and easily packable solution to our lack of walls. Yeah!!

Queen Mary Falls

Queen Mary Falls

Thank goodness for our friends’ TV to amuse the 4 kids. Still spent a lot of time calling the kids in out of the rain.  The creek was a kid magnet!!! It was also a bit concerning for the parents as it kept rising with the rain.

Queen Mary Falls

Managed a walk to Queen Mary Falls and Daggs Falls during a brief dry spell.  Our timing was great as the walkway to the falls flooded shortly after our walk.

Queen Mary Falls

Kids had a ball feeding the birds around the campsite. Rosellas, King Parrots, Bowerbirds, Rainbow Lorikeets etc. Not all the birds were friendly though -Liam was bitten by a female King Parrot. Strong bite that left a big mark on his poor little hand.

Queen Mary Falls

Great camp kitchen! It was really nice to have dinner out of the rain and cold. We especially loved the wood fire stove. Nice and warm and helped us all dry out a bit. Camp kitchen also provided a great opportunity to meet some of the other campers.


Packed up in the morning. A bit of a slow pack up as we did our best to stay dry.

We drove to Boonah via the “No trailers & caravans road” Lovely drive, lush and green with occasional farmsteads. We had a few scary moments when the brakes overheated going down a very steep section. Perhaps that’s why it’s so no caravans and camper trailers. 🙂

We had lunch in a park in Boonah with our friends. Decided we should plan the next group trip when it’s actually dry!

Home again.