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Arrived at Settlement Campground around lunchtime. Campsite was surrounded by native grass gardens and was fairly private. Close to the toilets as well. (Perhaps a little too close – Pew)


Went for a walk in the afternoon but thought it would take too long to walk to the bottom of the falls before dark.



Spent the evening chatting with a backpacker from Denmark. Figured it would be a cold night when we saw him all rugged up in layers of clothing.

It was a beautiful clear sky. Liam spotted the first satelite, Amy spotted the second satelite and Cameron spotted a shooting star. The night sky was truly beautiful away from the city lights. Amy was so intent on stargazing what she flipped backwards out of her chair. Gave her a dreadful fright.

After the kids went to bed we were visited by some small native animals. At first we thought they were Bilbys, but after some internet research we think they were either Northern Bandicoots or Long Nosed Potteroos.

Freezing night!!!! 1C in the tent.  Kids licensed sleeping bags were definately not warm enough. Terrible night’s sleep. Cold kids, toilet trips etc…..  Will definitely be buying the kids new sleeping bags before the next trip.


Morning walk down behind Purlingbrook Falls.  The kids loved it!



It took us much less time than suggested on the signs.  Amy powerwalked back with her walking stick.  The kids have more stamina than we expected.


Packed up, then visited Natural Arch on the way home.

Natural Arch

Good day & a great little weekend trip not far from home.


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