Thargomindah is just one of those place names that invite you to visit. Just to see what its like. It was a fairly short drive from Noccundra at under 3 hours and we were all looking forward to hot showers and caravan park amenities. The road there is good single lane bitumen and the drive gives a good appreciation for what channel country looks like.


Unfortunately not everyone we passed along the way had an appreciation for driving single lane bitumen. We came across 3 idiots towing camper trailers that thought slowing down was dropping back from 110km/h to 85km/h with 3 wheels flicking up a good dose of large rocks down the side of the Pajero and into the top of the van. Had to apologise to the kids for increasing their vocabulary of swear words. No major damage but could easily have been the front windscreen.


Stayed at the Explorers Caravan Park and after setting up we walked into town to replenish food and drink supplies. That afternoon we went out to the Thargomindah Hydro Power Plant for an informative session on Australia’s first hydro electric set up. Thargomindah proudly claims third place, behind London & Paris,  for towns that used hydro electric power for street lighting.


We also went for a walk down to the Bulloo River to help the kids burn off some energy. Still plenty of water around.


After a nice stop over we packed up again in the morning and made way for Cunnamulla.