Trouble in Tumut

After a relaxing time on the Murray and a quick overnight at Tocumwal we moved on to Tumut where we had agreed to meet up with Megan’s parents. The kids were very happy to see G & G and also happy they brought their bicycles with them.



The plan was to drive up to Mt Selwyn and show the kids their first snow so Friday morning we headed up the mountain. Only problem was we didn’t make it to the snow. About half way up the mountain the Pajero started flashing ASC, Centre Diff & Check Engine lights so we pulled over and hoped Grandma & Grandad would work out we were no longer behind them. We shut the engine down for a few minutes and started up again with no warning lights. Excellent! On our way again. About another 2kms along the way all the warning lights came back on and again we found somewhere to pull over. With quite a long way to go to get home we decided not to push the car any further and suggested Bill & Karen take the kids on to see the snow using the ‘secret’ 3rd & 4th seats behind the seats in the ute. Megan & I headed back a little way down the mountain and parked at a picnic spot on the Yarrangobilly River and waited for them to return.



The kids and G & G had a great time in what was left of the snow. We hadn’t really expected to find too much left in September so it was nice that there was enough to play around in.

With the car having a good bit of time to cool down we found when starting this time only the Check Engine Light remained on. The car drove fine on the way back to Tumut but we now found ourselves late on a Friday afternoon in a town with no Mitsubishi dealership, with a warning light that wouldn’t go away and a 200km drive in to Canberra the following day. Rang a local mechanic who suggested the local auto electrician could plug in and read the fault codes so I drove over on the off chance someone could have a look.

It turned out to be a misc fault code that could have been too much transmission slippage (really steep hill), a dirty ABS sensor or other sensor reporting strangely. He cleared the fault code for me and it hasn’t returned since. I’ve subsequently bought a cheap OBD2 bluetooth plug that can talk to my android tablet so I can view and clear my own fault codes.

Saturday was the Federal Election so after slipping in to the out of towners poll booth to vote we packed up and moved on to Canberra.