Restocked and with new tyres on the camper we left Townsville on the Hervey’s Range Developmental Rd. Saw quite a few kites scavenging at the dump on the outskirts of town and on the other side of the range we saw¬† a massive eagle feeding on some road kill. We crossed the Burdekin River and turned north on the Gregory Developmental Rd. Most of the road is good with some sections of single lane bitumen. We were on the look out for road trains with plenty of signs noting call points on UHF40. Did well as the only one we saw was when we had pulled over for lunch at the Greenvale Roadhouse.

Kennedy Development Rd

Quite a long drive but we made it through to Undara. We originally booked 2 camp sites but ended up sharing the one as it was big enough for our camper, our friends tent and the 2 cars. Kids enjoyed a swim in the pool before dinner and I enjoyed a late night catching up with a good mate with a few beers in front of the fire.


The Undara Experience is pretty well set up with a nice outdoor restaurant. All of the tours to the tubes are guided which means we met the bus out the front of the office and headed off to see what it was all about.


Undarra camping


One of the tubes had filled with water so it was shoes off and shuffle down into the dark.



It was quite warm down the end which we were told is from a build up of carbon monoxide and is also the reason that all tours of the caves are guided. Apparently some of the caves are completely off limits due to the CO levels being high enough to kill.



Back to the camp for lunch and in the afternoon we went for a drive out to Kalkani Crater. There is a fairly well made path up to the top and then a goat track around the crater. It was so peaceful and quiet up there with views for miles.



Went back to camp and got scrubbed up for a farewell dinner at the restaurant. Meal prices are what you would expect in a remote location and I did enjoy my $28 sausages and veg.

Next morning we packed up and said our good byes as our friends were returning to Townsville and we were moving on to the coast north of Port Douglas.

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