Uneventful drive to Winton. Stopped in town for fuel  and it was interesting to note that fuel prices were pretty similar to Brisbane at t $1.55 per litre, but they were 12c a litre more in Longreach.


We headed out to Bladensburg National Park, about 15kms outside of Winton. We started to think we had made a wrong turn as the NP road was rough dirt that seemed to head nowhere, however we eventually found Bough Shed Hole camp ground.

Not exactly as we expected – very dusty and sparsely vegetated away from the creek. The creek had nice eucalypts next to it and some sections (the billabongs) still had water. Makes you think of a famous song.

“Once the Wilson family camped by a billabong under the shade of a coolabah tree…”


The kids had a great time playing in the creek bed and running up the other side. They even offered to show poor old Mum how to do it 🙂

We went for a family wander up the creek bed and then through some washouts. The kids were intrigued by all the kangaroo bones. Also found a feral cat trap placed by the Park Rangers.  When we spoke to Alistair the local ranger later in our stay he told us that they had recently caught a feral cat so big that it had not one but 2 joeys in its stomach. That’s a big cat!

It was so windy that we didn’t put the annex up. Turned out to be a good thing as it made star gazing easier. The stars were amazing!!!! Between us we saw the Milky Way, a satellite & 4 shooting stars.


Headed into Winton to get our Gold Pass for the local attractions ($140) and to visit the Waltzing Matilda Centre. The centre was nice and had a nice old historical museum, but I was a little bit underwhelmed.

Amy & I had a hankering for hot chips so it was decided to buy lunch in town. Little did we know that Winton has no café/pub that sells hot chips :(. Stopped in and had a look at a couple of Opal shops. The kids ended up buying a couple of lucky dips and some fragments in rock for $1 each.

Went out to the Age of Dinosaurs – about 15kms out of town.  What a great place!




We did the Collection Room half of the tour first & saw heaps of bones and learnt how they found them. Then onto the lab tour and the coolest part. Judy Elliot, one of the station owners, was there piecing together bones from a previously unfound dinosaur (nicknamed Wade). Lucky for us she likes kids and let Amy, Liam, Cameron & I hold toe bones from the dinosaur. Hooray!!! It made our trip to Winton.



More dinos today as we visit Lark Quarry Trackways. Really interesting to see all the footprints etc and hear about the stampede. The kids enjoyed the 95m bridge entry and the big mechanical dino they could operate.




We were supposed to go to Opalton this afternoon for Amy’s fossicking adventure, but decided since were already so far out it would be better to put that off for a day and continue onto the Diamantina River and Old Cork Station. See next post.