Apart from 1 or 2 small trips it has been a year since we have been away in the van. For this trip our two requirements were: had to be dog friendly so we could take Ruby and near a beach where we could set up and not do much of anything for a week. We chose Woodgate Beach Tourist Park which is about 4 hours north of Brisbane. We were a little apprehensive taking Ruby camping for the week as she has traditionally gone to friends. She is a very energetic dog and very friendly so we wondered how she would cope in a caravan park where she had to be tied up or on a leash most of the time. We have updated our car since our last long distance trip to a BT50 so with the unfamiliar towing/handling combined with wondering how Ruby would travel in the back of the car it took me a while to relax into the drive. We did a couple of stops along the way to ensure Ruby was fine.

The park was fairly full and there were gangs of marauding children roaming the park on bikes. Amy and Liam were a little disappointed they didn’t have anyone but themselves to play with as all the other kids were a couple of years younger.

We had a great week just relaxing around camp, playing UNO, going to the beach over the road, beachcombing around the entrance to Theolodite Creek and going for drives on the beach. The beach to the south of the vehicle entrance is dogs off leash and there is another area near the creek. Ruby had a ball.

Beachcombing around Theolodite Creek:

After a relaxing week we discovered we all prefer touring to staying in one place and we all think caravan parks are places you stop for a day or 2 to catch up on washing and have proper showers. Ruby was really well behaved and loved being able to spend more time with us than she usually gets at home. Woodgate was really nice with good clean amenities but at the end of the day we prefer a camp with a view of something other than our car or the side of the neighbours van. Will have to get away again soon.